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lobster has regained possession of the stage that travels with the warped tour every year. this year it spent a few weeks known as the "uproar" stage as well, but no one cares quite as much about that. seriously. the stage has seen the likes of from autumn to ashes, finch, story of the year, the starting line, yellowcard, unearth, further seems forever, throwdown, the bled, stretch arm strong, beloved, underoath, moments in grace, RKL, a wilhelm scream, don't look down, nora, the aeffect, age of ruin, skycamefalling, every time i die, shai hulud, glasseater plus all your favorite lobster bands (park, over it, a small victory, staring back, days like these) play on it over the last three years.

so here's the deal. this old and beat up stage is retiring. it's 20'x16', divided into 10 4'x8' sections. it looks like this. it weighs upwards of 8 million pounds. just kidding. but it's really heavy. it still functions fine, as long as you have some WD-40 handy, and don't set it up on a hill. we're looking for someone who wants to take it. someone who will give it a good home and allow only minimal amounts of below average bands to perform on it. we don't need any money for it, but you would have to come pick it up from our office in santa barbara.

do you want it? do you know anyone who would take it? do you have any ideas for places we could donate it? UCSB maybe? contact me at if you have any helpful information for us.


ps - click the links above for pictures verifying the stage's existence.

[ pps - you don't get the PA or the tent. just the stage. please. ]

{ ppps - all we're donating is the stage. not the slot on warped. thanks. }
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