kevin! (vinsupreme) wrote in lobsterrecords,

LORENE DRIVE "Romantic Wealth" out now!

The debut is finally here! If you haven't gotten a chance to listen yet, get over to purevolume to preview four tracks from the record, and then hit up to order the record! You can also view the video for "Let It Go" at myspace.

The band has also been selected for the PunkRadioCast top 40 countdown this week. They're currently #2, so go over there and VOTE to get them up to #1! You can vote once per day. If you're digging the record, bew sure to tell Alternative Press too!

The boys are out on Warped Tour for the next five days before heading out for a month with A Change of Pace and So They Say. They plan to tour for the rest of the year, so look for them in your town a bunch of times!

If you want to drop Lorene Drive's myspace player on your own myspace page (or LJ, blog, website, etc.) just copy the code below!

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