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Not entirely Lobster related...

Okay, so this isn't totally related to Lobster (in fact, probably not at all), but a friend and I came up with a wacky idea for a soundtrack, and it's definitely for fans of good music, like most Lobster fans are. We're pretty big political junkies, so we read all the silly Washington gossip blogs (wonkette, drudge, etc...), and in recent months, one of the bigger bits of gossip was this individual who used the nom dé plume The Washingtonienne. She basically had a bunch of sex on Capitol Hill, including with a guy who was appointed by Bush. Anyway, I'm not doing this any justice, so point your browsers to and read up.

Well, Ms. Washingtonienne got a book deal and her novel is coming out in June, so my friend and I got to thinking "well, they'll probably make a movie out of this too" and we came up with a cast list. However, we also decided that a good movie needs a good soundtrack, so instead of going the usual lame soundtrack route with bad pop songs, we took the Garden State path, and filled the mix with songs that are a little more on the indie tip, as well as diving back into the 70s and 80s!

So, for those of you with iTunes, you can go here and preview our iMix (and give it a good rating too!). For those of you without iTunes, here is the playlist, and you can procure the mp3s however you normally would!

1) death cab for cutie - expo 86
2) the eagles - those shoes
3) kylie minogue - can't get you out of my head
4) toto - hold the line
5) jimmy eat world - kill
6) foreigner - urgent
7) prince - darling nikki
8) the cure - let's go to bed
9) the killers - mr. brightside
10) head automatica - please please please (young hollywood)
11) the postal service - the district sleeps alone tonight
12) INXS - suicide blonde
13) the mars volta - eriartarka
14) a perfect circle - the noose
15) the chemical brothers f/ beth orton - where do i begin

so, i hope you enjoy our little politically themed mix, and to make this somewhat Lobster related, go vote for Over It at!
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